Solid Solutions – An Overview Of The Different Types Of Pumping Solutions We Provide cover

Solid Solutions – An Overview Of The Different Types Of Pumping Solutions We Provide

If you have a lot of water in the area you live or work in, there is a good chance you will need the use of a pump at some stage over the years. When it comes to the types of pumps that a company rents, services, and sells, there is a variety, but they all do a similar job, which is removing water from unwanted places. Here at Florida Pumping Solutions, our team works closely with our customers to ensure they always have the best tools for whatever job they might be tackling so they get the best possible results.

If you live in Jacksonville, Florida, you will know what a major issue flooding and water management can be. Water is always going to go exactly where it wants to, and it can cause untold damage to land and structures if the right systems and tools are not put in place. Not every property owner or job site will need to own a pump, which is why there are plenty of other options available such as leasing from our team at Florida Pumping Solutions on an as-needed basis.

Continue reading below to learn the basics about what our company can offer you in terms of dewatering solutions.

The Types of PumpsThat Our Company Rents, Services, and Sells

There are three main types of pumps that we rent, service, and sell, with other types available that are not so in demand. A centrifugal pump removes water by utilizing impellers, which are motor-driven rotors, and creating centrifugal force to expel the water. This type of pump can come in vertical or horizontal configurations.

Diaphragm pumps are made to handle all types of viscous liquids, solid matter, and even chemicals. These pumps either use an air compressor or motor to generate their power and work similarly to how the human diaphragm inhales and exhales.

Lastly, a rotary vane pump uses a series of vanes connected to a central rotor that sits inside the pump and rotates. The vanes can be made of different materials and lengths, which gives you different results. While not as popular as the other two models, they are still very effective when used in the right setting.

Pump Rental Basics

There are many property and business owners that may need the use of a pump, but can’t justify the price of purchasing one for how much it will be used. This is why we have rentals available for our complete line of both diesel and electric water pumps. Regardless of the dewatering situation you have, we will have the rental pump to handle it. Simply get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team at Flordia Pumping solutions for more information and to get a rental quote.

Purchasing a Pump

Those customers who are looking to purchase a quality water pump for their home or business will be pleasantly surprised with the selection we provide here at Florida Pumping Solutions. We stock everything from the smallest electric two-inch pumps to the massive one-foot pumps that can handle up to 7000 GPM. Best of all, we are a preferred Thompson and Tsurumi pump dealer, so we can help you to source any pump or part that you might require at the best possible price.

Having Your Pump Repaired and Serviced

We stand behind the quality of our water pumps, and we also ensure that we have properly trained, expert service technicians to take care of your investment. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help you with your repairs and servicing needs.

Trust the Experts At Florida Pumping Solutions

It really doesn’t matter the types of pumps that a company rents, services, and sells, if they don’t know anything about them. Here at Florida Pumping Solutions, we are passionate pump professionals who not only know our products inside out but with over forty years of experience you can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands. Get in touch with our team at Florida Pumping Solutions today to find out how we can help you with your dewatering requirements moving forward.

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