Northeast Florida Dewatering Solutions

We provide Thompson Pumps and Tsurumi Pumps sales, rental, and service in the Jacksonville, Fl and St. Augustine Fl region. Contact us today for expert construction dewatering, flood defense, agricultural pumping, well points, and more.

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Thompson Pump & Tsurumi Pump Solutions
Jacksonville, Fl & St. Augustine, Fl

Construction Dewatering

Controlling your groundwater is essential to completing your project on time. FPS has extensive experience deploying properly designed systems to ensure you can keep working.

Emergency Response

We specializes in environmental flooding recovery, bypass sewage pumping, emergency well pump services, and more. Safety will always be our number one priority.

Agricultural Pumping

Our experienced team will work with you to develop any custom pumping solutions for agricultural projects

Well Points

We offer a wide range of solutions for any project that needs pumps for well points.

Bypass Pumping

FPS has extensive experience planning and implementing designed turnkey systems to bypass sewer lines successfully.

Pump Remote Monitoring | Telemetry

Remotely monitor and pull reports for pump and engine performance. Utilize cellular and satellite data transmission for a secure, reliable communication connection. Wi-Fi ready and controllable via smartphone

Telemetry | Pump Remote Monitoring Jacksonville, Fl and St. Augustine, Fl

Need Pump Financing?

Pump & Dewatering Jacksonville, Florida
Satisfaction Guaranteed

We treat every Thompson pump and Tsurumi pump sale, rental, service, and customer with the respect they deserve. We don’t stop until you are satisfied. Guaranteed.

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