Bypass Pumping – What Is It And How Is It Used? cover

Bypass Pumping – What Is It And How Is It Used?

Bypass pumps are temporary systems that allow for the continuous flow of fluids around a work site. A typical example of this reroute would be a sewage line rupture. Workers would arrive and install a temporary path for the sewage to remain in constant flow, thus avoiding a more extensive break or complete failure of the system upstream.

This ensures that service provided on the sewer line is quickly restored and prevents further downtime caused by the rupture. For contractors and construction companies, this means fewer delays, a more streamlined construction site, and the ability to stay in control of the project as it develops. Bypass pumping systems in Jacksonville, FL, typically offer three types of services which we will look at in more detail below.

Let’s take a look at the three most common bypass pumping systems in Jacksonville, FL: open, closed, and combination systems.

Open/Closed/Combination Bypasses

Open and closed systems refer to whether or not open air is available to the systems. In an open system, the suction originates from a source not isolated from the surrounding air. An example of isolated sources, or “closed systems,” typically involves a pressurized system that is closed off from any surrounding fluid or air. So the flow in a closed system runs from one isolated and pressurized line to another isolated and pressurized line.

Again, these bypasses are installed in a temporary situation, while damage to the permanent system is rectified either through the installation of an entirely new line or repairs to the original. A combination bypass is where suction from one open end directs flow into a closed/pressurized line, causing back pressure at the end of the system.

Temporary Pump Models

The most common bypass pumping systems in Jacksonville, FL, use submersible electric and hydraulic pumps, or centrifugal pumps, which self-prime. Pressures in water applications need to be regulated to exact psi since there may be upstream movement somewhere along the line, after which gravity is used for release into downstream manholes or pools.

Electric pumps are stronger and provide better throughput since they sometimes force trash and other thick blockages out of the upstream, through the diversion, and around to the final destination.

Bypass Pump Locations

Bypass pumping in Jacksonville, FL is typically required on construction sites and civic sewer systems where service needs to be maintained while costly scheduled upgrades or repairs occur. Some excavation projects near creeks or small lakes may require temporary pumps to prevent farmland or residential areas from flooding due to the excavation work.

A simple analogy to bypass pumping would be when a company upgrades its back-end computer servers and needs to maintain uptime on its websites to serve customers. Before upgrades begin, they stand up an entirely new temporary server(s) to handle the traffic flow until the scheduled updates are complete.

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