Tsurumi Pumps Jacksonville
Single Phase Submersible Pumps

UT / UTZ Series

Top discharge provides maximum motor cooling efficiency allowing continuous duty operation at low levels and extended dry-run capacity.

Built For Work® UT / UTZ Series Catalog (PDF)

ModelDischarge Size(in.)Motor Output(HP)Diameter(in.)Height (in.)Max Solid Diameter(in.)Weight(lbs.)
50UT2.4S21/29 1/213 3/41.431
50UTZ2.4S21/29 1/215 3/41.431
50UT2.75S219 1/2161.431
50UTZ2.75S219 1/2181.437


  • Economical – the UT/UTZ Series is an economical version of the Tsurumi U Series, semi-vortex submersible pumps.  It is designed for a wide range of applications.
  • Large Diameter Passage – The pump has a large passage that makes it ideal fr liquid containing various solids.
  • Available in Automatic Operation – Automatic version equipped with floats.  (50UTZ2.4S and 50UTZ2.75S)