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Three Phase Submersible Pumps

LH Series

Tsurumi’s LH Series handles medium to high flows at higher heads, yet its top discharge flow-through design welcomes low water level operation for extended periods. Complete with a high chromium semi-open impeller and adjustable wear rings, our LH pumps provide you with increased wear resistance whether your application is effluent transfer, construction site drainage, or commercial/industrial dewatering.

Built For Work® LH LHW Series Catalog (PDF)
Tsurumi Pumps for Well Dewatering (PDF)
Tsurumi Slimline Pumps (PDF)

ModelDischarge Size(in.)Motor Output(HP)Diameter(in.)Height (in.)Max Solid Diameter(in.)Weight(lbs.)
LH23.7251031 1/80.334200
LH33.0347 5/1625 3/80.23693
LH35.537.51031 1/80.334220
LH47.541011 13/1635 1/20.334325
LH41141511 13/1635 1/20.334345
LH42243024 1/253 1/40.236770
LH43044024 1/253 1/40.236780
LH6156201339 15/160.334470
LH62263024 1/2560.472790
LH63765020 7/8570.2361090
LH64566020 7/8570.2361120
LH675610021 5/8660.3151910
LH6110615024 1/274 5/160.3942670
LH83785020 7/858 9/160.2361090
LH84586020 7/858 9/160.2361120
LH85587521 5/867 9/160.2361810
LH875810021 5/867 9/160.2361910
LH8110815024 1/274 5/160.2362670


  • Discharge sizes from 4-8 inches and horsepower range from 20-150 hp
  • Replaceable and adjustable high chrome wear rings provide increased wear resistance.
  • Built in thermal and amperage protectors prevent motor failure in run-dry or surge conditions.
  • High pressure dual silicon carbide mechanical seals operate in a separate oil chamber and are capable of withstanding operating depths of 328 feet.
  • Seal pressure relief ports provide a flow path above the pump casing and allow water release from the pump and away from the shaft. This protects the mechanical seals from excessive pumping pressure or water hammer in high head pumping applications.
  • Anti-wicking cable entrance and Tsurumi’s exclusive oil lifter for added protection.