Tsurumi Pumps Jacksonville
Single Phase Submersible Pumps

HS Series

Durable trash pumps in two sizes—a 1HP & 3-inch discharge and a 1/2HP & 2-inch discharge. Both designed to pump water containing sand, solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging.

Built For Work® HS HSZ HSE Catalog (PDF)
Built For Work® HSD Catalog (PDF)

$321.00 – $651.00

ModelDischarge Size(in.)Motor Output(HP)Diameter(in.)Height (in.)Max Solid Diameter(in.)Weight(lbs.)
HS2.4S21/210 1/1612 15/160.27625
HSE2.4S21/213 1/217 1/20.27626
HSZ2.4S21/213 1/215 1/80.27630
HS3.75S3112 7/1615 5/160.27643
HS3.75SL3112 7/1616 3/40.27650
HSZ3.75S3113 1/217 1/20.27650
HSZ3.75SL3115 3/419 7/80.23650
HSD2.55S23/410 3/815 3/80.39339


  • Built-in shaft mounted agitator suspends solids
  • Urethane semi vortex impeller for maximum durability and pump performance
  • Dual inside mechanical seal with SiC faces provides longest operational life
  • Oil Lifter (Patented) provides lubrication of the seal faces
  • V-ring seal design protects mechanical seal from abrasive particles
  • HSZ Series – float operated automatic operation version